Dancing 9 -Mnet Dance Competition Show

MNET Announces New Dance Survival Format: “Dancing 9”

Dancing 9 -Mnet Dance Competition Show

K-Pop is rapidly becoming well known for it’s high production videos, catchy melodies, trendsetting fashion, and pop idol eye candy. However, the key driving force of KPOP’s addictive staying power has always come from the top-notch dancers and choreographers who have set the standards and trends that contribute to the genre’s steadily rising global appeal.

Finally a new dance show, coming July 20th to MNET, will showcase and highlight the unsung heroes and top dance talent of Korea. With a stellar list of idol team trainers and judges, this show could prove to be the must watch competition of this year!

Check out the information below regarding the new MNET show Dancing 9!

Korea’s renowned music channel Mnet now presents a new kind of dance survival TV show .

As one of the most anticipated TV shows of the year in Korea, picks out the best talents in dance, regardless of genre, and has them compete across nine rounds for millions of won prize. Since there is no limit to dance genre whether it is ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance, street dance, or K- POP dance, extraordinary dancers of various genres in the world are expected to show diverse stages indeed. It is Korea′s first dance survival show and its first episode will air on July 20, 11PM via Mnet.

Chief Producer Kim Yong Beom noted, “So far, dance genre was considered only as a part of music, but we thought it has a great possibility. Dance can be an individual content because it is charming subject with no language barrier and also has musical power itself.” Recently, CP Kim happened to meet with director of Jon Chu to get professional advice for his dance content. He also states, “Although I was confident about survival format since I have produced over three years, dance content was still new to me. So, it was very helpful to meet those professionals like him and now I strongly believe that could pull it off.”

Contestants including established dancers, choreographers, and talented kids from 62 countries worldwide have applied since application was open in March. Amongst, most notably Spanish dancer Hrisio Busarov, who has previously worked with Rihanna, Shakira, and JYJ, and Hong Kong dancer Adrian Chih, who has performed with Jay Park and appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be seen. Also, Korean sisters who have competed at the America’s most popular dance competition for children, ‘Kids Artistic Revue(KAR) are one of the outstanding contestants.

Meanwhile, K-Pop heartthrobs such as Shinhwa′s Lee Min Woo and Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Hyoyeon and Yuri confirmed for as Team Masters. They are expected to show how they communicate with the public through K-Pop dance and channel their experience onstage to the contestants. Lee Min Woo has shown in his long career as a member of top idol group SHINHWA his undying skills in dance, while Hyoyeon and Yuri have also boasted their skills across the world. Through overseas performances and promotions, Shinhwa and SNSD have both proved that dance is truly a language that can be spoken anywhere in the world.

For more information on Dancing 9 just follow this link here to their website, check out a preview of the show below and don’t forget to tune in to MNET on July 20 at 11PM!

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