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FTIsland Thx 2015 US Tour

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    We announced first on our Twitter, but we just wanted to confirm that everyone got the memo! If you haven’t heard it yet, KCON has recently announced that famed group, Super Junior, is the first confirmed artist for the summer’s event at the Staples Center! This absolutely exciting because there has been a history of SM artists making an appearance at KCON and now the ELFs get their chance to experience greatness!


    '마마시타'로 돌아온 슈퍼주니어

    ‘마마시타’로 돌아온 슈퍼주니어





    Additional Acts for the July 31August 2 Convention and Concert in

    Downtown L.A. to be announced in the Coming Weeks


    Los Angeles – May 14, 2015 – Easily one of the most colossal groups to come out of Korean pop music over the past ten years, Super Junior has been announced as the first addition to the Los Angeles line-up for KCON 2015, presented by Toyota.  More artists will be announced in the coming month before tickets go on sale in June.  The announcement was made during #KCONLiveChat, which airs every Thursday at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET leading up to the convention on KCON’s YouTube channel.

    KCON, the largest fan convention in North America dedicated to all aspects of Korean entertainment and beyond was just named by FUSE as one of the “22 Best Music Festivals of 2015″ and will be expanding this year in Los Angeles from two to three days of convention to take place on July 31August 2.  Two of those days will consist of giant concerts at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. In past years, the KCON stage has been graced by big-name artists such as G-Dragon, Missy Elliott, Girls Generation, EXO, BTS and so many more. Having grown every year in star power and attendance since its launch in 2012, KCON 2015 LA edition is set to be the biggest event yet.  One week later on August 8, will bring KCON to the New York metro area for the first time, with those line-ups still to be revealed.

    Super Junior debuted in 2005 with 12 members under SM Entertainment and went on to be at the forefront of the Hallyu wave. After many successful singles, the band skyrocketed to fame in 2009 with the massive R&B hit “Sorry, Sorry.” By consistently reinventing their musical style from R&B to even electropop, each successive Super Junior album including their latest, Mamacita (2014), has topped the charts in Korea within days of its release. Currently, the group is the only Korean band to hold the title of best-selling Korean artists for three years consecutively (2011-2014) and to have had the distinction of performing 100 concerts worldwide. US fans haven’t seen Super Junior perform here since 2012 and the KCON 2015 LA edition will be a chance to see the uber-popular boy band before additional members enlist in the army for compulsory national service.

    KCON is produced by CJ E&M, Asia’s leading content company and its global music channel Mnet, giving fans the ultimate Hallyu (a.k.a. the Korean Wave) experience.Links to the official logo and trailer for KCON 2015 presented by Toyota can be found here and here.  Fans can visit www.kconusa.com for more information and to sign-up for a newsletter with the latest KCON news.


    Keep your eyes peeled for other artists to be confirmed, and tell KCON who and what you want to see at the event by tweeting #KCONLiveChat.

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