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FTIsland Thx 2015 US Tour

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    After three successful K-pop convention launches in the Los Angeles area, KCON 2015 will be spreading the love to the east coast. Now we won’t lie and say we weren’t a bit worried that KCON would probably be moving locations, but now we know that east coast K-pop fans will get to have their own KCON experience, for a one day celebration, in Newark, NJ at the Prudential Center in August. This is the perfect opportunity for fans to get in on all of the KCON love. Stay tuned for more information regarding this event, and keep up to date with KCON news with their #KCONLiveChat sessions.



    Mega Successful Korean Entertainment Convention and Concert Series Takes Over

    Metro Area’s Prudential Center on August 8


    Los Angeles – April 24, 2015 After three exponentially successful years in Southern California, KCON (www.kconusa.com) has announced that it is making the largest Korean entertainment fan convention in North America a bi-coastal event. East Coast K-pop fans will get their own turn to host the ultimate Hallyu experience when the first ever KCON 2015 NY descends upon the Big Apple for a one day convention and concert extravaganza on August 8, just one weekend after the flagship event completes in Los Angeles.

    Taking place at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, one of the region’s premier performance venues regularly hosting the biggest stars, KCON 2015 will be packed with panels, activities, food and more that cover every aspect of Korean pop culture during the day.  Then as the sun goes down, eyes will turn to the stage as some of the hottest artists coming out of Korea will take center stage and close out the evening with a star-studded concert.

    To help support this expansion, KCON has also signed a partnership with IDG World Expo, one of the largest event production companies in the U.S., with over 20 years of producing events such as Macworld, E3, Anime Expo, Digital Entertainment World, the Game Marketing Summit and more.

    Expansion must love company as KCON 2015 LA just announced last week that it is moving to a bigger venue (Staples Center in Downtown LA) and will now consist of a three day convention (July 31 to August 2) with two nights of headliner-filled concerts.

    The announcement of KCON 2015 NY follows the extraordinary success of KCON Los Angeles, which has more than doubled its attendance since inception in 2012, and the inaugural KCON Japan 2015 convention that took place this week and garnered over 15,000 attendees. The inaugural KCON Japan 2015 at the Saitama Super Arena on April 22 was highlighted by an M! Countdown  concert  featuring  K-pop  stars  including  BIGFLO,  Block  B, BOYFRIEND,  GOT7,  INFINITE,  Jun.K  (from 2PM),  KangNam,  Lovelyz,  MYNAME, SISTAR, and more.

    KCON is produced by CJ E&M, Asia’s leading content company, and its global music channel Mnet, giving fans the ultimate Hallyu (a.k.a. the Korean Wave) experience.


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