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FTIsland Thx 2015 US Tour

FTIsland Thx 2015 US Tour

On January 31st, FT island treated international Primadonnas to a long awaited ...

Masterpiece of Legends: Fly To The Sky and Gummy 2014 Tour

Masterpiece of Legends: Concert Review by Cecee, November 29, 2014 is going ...

“god 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert” @ The Staples Center

G.O.D. Celebrates 15 Years of History at The Staples Center by Baillie, ...
Photos: Cecee Chanelle

AOMG United States Tour @The Belasco Theater 2014

AOMG crew Jay Park, Simon D, Loco, Gray, and DJ Pumpkin turn ...

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    No, no, no it is not just a clever April Fool’s joke, Dramafever is in fact releasing a Sims style K-drama video game for all the drama loving fans that are curious enough to give it a try.

    Kiss Quest: The Search for Oppa is a multiplayer, romantic role playing game that plans to take you on the perfect adventure to find the oppa of  your dreams! Of all the K-dramas that you have cried, laughed, and fawned over what reason do you have for not wanting give this new video game a try? Pre-orders are ready now and the game is available on multiple platforms so that you can experience the magic any way you like!

    For more information check out the Dramafever website or click here for pre-order information!

    Look forward to the world you can create with Dramafever’s Kiss Quest: The Search for Oppa.


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