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FTIsland Thx 2015 US Tour

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    CJ E&M has become the definitive destination for the ultimate experience in Asian entertainment. Spanning globally with their reach and influence, they have distributed quality content to the masses. It has been recently announced that CJ E&M continues to expand their reach as they have sold some of their most popular TV series abroad to Thailand, China, and Japan. Get your fill of what they have to offer today!




                                                    Global PR Team




    Seoul, Korea (June 12, 2015) – Asia’s leading entertainment and media company CJ E&M (en.cjenm.com) says that it has sold several of its popular TV content, either in the form of original content or format, to companies in China, Thailand and Japan.

    The formats of a variety show, titled ‘Let’s Go, Time Travelers’ and of a hit makeover show ‘Let Me In’ were sold to China’s 3C Media and Thailand’s Workpoint Entertainment, respectively. Also, a daily soap opera, ‘A Bird That Doesn’t Sing’ had been sold to Japanese cable channel KNTV, even before it aired on tvN in Korea.

    “The latest round of deals is a clear indication that CJ E&M’s content is recognized for its originality and creativeness not only in Korea but also in other countries. We will continue our effort to produce content that is attractive to a more global audience,” said Seo Jang-Ho, Head of International Sales and Acquisitions.

    CJ E&M to Share Know-how with China’s 3C Media

    ‘Let’s Go, Time Travelers’ is a variety entertainment show in which cast members hypothetically go back in time to live the way their ancestors lived. And by doing so, they struggle with lack of benefits that they otherwise would’ve enjoyed in modern life, while learning lessons from wisdoms of the past.

    Hyung-Oh Kim, the producer of ‘Let’s Go, Time Travelers’ will fly over to China to share his know-how of the entire planning and production process with 3C Media.

    The Chinese version is expected to earn high viewership, as the country has many historical sources to pull from, such as the repeated rise and fall of many dynasties. The show will be aired on Sichuan TV nationwide from July.

    ‘Let Me In’ Goes Truly Thai 

    ‘Let Me In’ is an ultimate makeover show that features women who struggle with appearance inferiority complex transforming through a makeover. Its fifth season is about to begin in Korea.

    In Thailand, TV channels carried the previous four seasons of the program, and now thanks to the latest format sale, a true Thai version will be produced by Workpoint Entertainment and aired on its Digital Terrestrial TV Workpoint TV within this year.

    High Demand Leads Faster Sale

    It’s unprecedented for a Korean drama to be aired outside the country while it’s still airing in Korea. ‘A Bird That Doesn’t Sing’ had been sold to Japan’s Hallyu cable channel KNTV prior to its premier in Korea in May. In Japan, it is scheduled to start airing from July 3rd.

    ‘A Bird that doesn’t sing’ is about a daughter who plots revenge against a greedy woman who murdered her mother and took everything from her life.

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    About CJ E&M

    CJ E&M is Asia’s leading content and media company headquartered in Seoul, Korea. It has four main business units – broadcast, film (CJ Entertainment), music and live entertainment. Since 2010, CJ E&M has been contributing to the promotion of Korean culture around the world, through the company’s ‘one source, multi-content’ strategy. As a trend leader in Asia, CJ E&M has produced and distributed various popular content, some of which include Asia’s largest music festival Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), leading Hallyu convention KCON, Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots, record-breaking box office hits Roaring Currents (2014) and Ode to My Father (2014), along with sought-after television series The Incomplete and Grandpas over Flowers. With regional offices in Asia and the U.S., CJ E&M currently employs over 2,000 people worldwide, and is traded on KOSDAQ under the ticker 130960. For more information, please visit: http://en.cjenm.com.

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