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FTIsland Thx 2015 US Tour

FTIsland Thx 2015 US Tour

On January 31st, FT island treated international Primadonnas to a long awaited ...

Masterpiece of Legends: Fly To The Sky and Gummy 2014 Tour

Masterpiece of Legends: Concert Review by Cecee, November 29, 2014 is going ...

“god 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert” @ The Staples Center

G.O.D. Celebrates 15 Years of History at The Staples Center by Baillie, ...
Photos: Cecee Chanelle

AOMG United States Tour @The Belasco Theater 2014

AOMG crew Jay Park, Simon D, Loco, Gray, and DJ Pumpkin turn ...

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    MyMusicTaste, a company that set out to push the standards of the concert experience by giving the fan the power of demand, is now offering up a fantastic opportunity for YOU the fan to experience the industry on a more personal level. The Movement has opened up the #Fan2Promoter contest, your chance to be 1 of 6 winners to win a FREE trip to Seoul, Korea to participate in exclusive training to be a MyMusicTaste concert promoter! I don’t know about you but I find this to be a very exciting opportunity!

    This multi-round contest is setting out to challenge the industry and integrate the creativity of the fan by allowing you to put your best foot forward. What is best about it all? The beautifully sultry ladies of Mamamoo are your creative muse! Who knows, maybe we will be seeing Mamomoo soon?


    How do you enter? Head over to Movement.mymusictaste.com and apply NOW and get your creative juices flowing. Good luck to all of you future concert promoters out there, and make sure you keep your eye on MyMusicTaste for future events.

    For more information or questions direct your inquiries to [email protected]


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